Timing is Everything -- Maximizing Dental Insurance Benefits

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Sep 15, 2011 1:18:00 PM

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Discuss Dental Insurance BenefitsAt the Pi Dental Center, October thru December is the busiest time of the year. Patients with dental insurance benefits want to maximize their value for each calendar year and often wait for the end of the summer vacation season to schedule an appointment.  Others simply seem to have new energy for smile makeovers once the crisper air comes in.  The arrival of holiday catalogs resplendent with sparkles spurs many to be as attractive as they can be for the holiday season. Patients seek everything from whitening sessions to the replacement of longtime missing or decayed teeth.  It is as if the smile takes on more important value as the year winds to its end.

Smart shoppers do not wait until Black Friday to get ready for the holidays and smart dental patients schedule early to ensure that their needs can be met at the times they most desire.  The Pi staff will do everything possible to accommodate the annual end of the year rush; however, the early callers will secure the optimum appointment times.  Schedule soon to accomplish your dental goals for 2011.

Call 215-646-6334 to discuss treatment or schedule an appointment. For questions regarding dental insurance, contact Kathleen Koch at extension 304.

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