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Pi Dental Center is a prosthodontic specialty practice committed to providing dental patients with the highest standard of dental care available.

Our mission is to go beyond the preservation and maintenance concepts of general dentistry; our dentists design each individual treatment plan to provide for an uncompromised clinically functional and esthetic dentition. Pi Dental Center operates all facets of its dental care center with focused team energy for excellence in treatment of the whole patient from cosmetic dental care to tooth implants and more. We strive to provide a level of care that encompasses every dimension of the patient's well being, technologically and in the human arena. No effort is spared to assure that the treatment environment is comfortable, comforting and strictly sterile.

Our goal is to inspire the confidence and trust that bring character to an artistically restored, healthy smile.

Please ask us a dental question or request an appointment.  We will be happy to answer your questions and help you solve your dental concerns.

If you need an emergency appointment, please call us at 215-646-6334.

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