MI Varnish For Caries Prevention for At Risk Dental Patients

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Aug 14, 2012 9:52:00 AM

MI Varnish For Caries Prevention

MI Varnish is used to reduce tooth decay and sensitivity in people of all ages.  It enhances tooth enamel, boosts fluoride levels and is ideal for all patients at risk for caries.

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs states, “Fluoride Varnish applied every six months is effective in preventing tooth caries in primary and permanent teeth of children and adolescents.”

Oral HygieneMI Varnish is applied to the teeth in the dental office. The difference is that MI Varnish represents a new generation Fluoride which is more effective, safer, and more pleasant for the patient than the gels and foams. It is not messy and comes in a fresh strawberry flavor.

Please discuss MI Varnish with your dentist at your next visit or with the patient relations representative when you schedule your next appointment at Pi Dental Center.



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