The Strength Of A Lion’s Bite

Posted by Chris Raines on Apr 25, 2016 3:16:52 PM

A Lion Without His Bite Is Not Really A Lion

Aslan is a rare 10 year-old male white lion that lives at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.  When Aslan broke his canines a few years ago, his personality changed; he became like a different cat. Aslan was more agitated and more aggressive. He isolated himself from the pride.

Kevin Richardson, lion whisperer and animal behaviorist states, “A lion without its bite is not really a lion, it’s really important for a lion to have a full set of teeth that are usable.” Fixodent enabled a complex and risky 4-hour surgery to be performed on Aslan, to repair the damaged teeth, and they produced a fascinating video telling the lion's story about his dental journey.

Link to Video Telling The Story Of Aslan The White Lion

View Video About Aslan On Omeleto on Facebook:

Aslan's, surgery was completed on-site at the sanctuary and lasted almost six hours.  Once Aslan's teeth were repaired and his pain was gone, he was a more secure, happier lion.  Soon he was able to be successfully reintroduced back into his pride. Within a short period of time, the lions were all lying together contentedly. As Mr. Richardson affirmed, "The king is back!"

Aslan's reaction to his dental pain was just like what people experience. "Dental pain is a chronic...debilitating pain," states Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp, Animal Dentist, "It's a pain that you don't want to do things, you're just thinking of the tooth all the time." Tooth pain stops people from doing what they want to do. It holds them down and prevents them from accomplishing their goals. It controls their lives and results in a poor quality of life. Dental pain can also have a negative impact on family relations.

Many people tend to compartmentalize their dental health. When they have a physical problem, they readily seek treatment, but these same people will endure persistent tooth pain for ages. They view the mouth as separate from the rest of the body. The question to ask them is, 'How is this affecting the rest of your life?' Chronic tooth pain can disrupt sleep, diminish the ability to learn and affect nutrition. Imagine the possibilities for a better life, if tooth pain was eliminated!

Are you someone who has been enduring tooth pain? Or do you know someone who is living with tooth pain? Perhaps it is time to find an answer.

Understanding your best options for treatment can feel overwhelming. A visit to Pi Dental Center will help you to understand your choices and move forward.

Pi Dental Center is unlike other dental centers, providing unsurpassed dental care and expertise with two renowned board certified prosthodontists, ongoing research, a skilled and experienced team and state-of-the-art clinical facility. Exceptional and consistent patient care is Pi Dental Center’s top priority ensuring the best care for each patient.

Visit Pi Dental Center to restore your mouth with functional, comfortable and attractive teeth, renew your energy and revitalize your life, so that you can say, "The King is Back!"

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More about Aslan:

Link to Omeleto's Facebook Page:

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Pi Dental Center Holds Photo Caption Contest

Posted by Chris Raines on Jan 25, 2016 10:19:54 AM

Pi Dental Implant Center Photo Caption Contest Winners

Pi Dental Center recently held a photo caption contest. Patients, social media followers from Facebook, Twitter and newsletter readers were invited to submit captions for a photo featuring a Budweiser horse. Over thirty-four humorous, creative and imaginative captions were submitted.

Our Pi team voted for their favorite captions. First place winning clever quote, “Just say "Neyyyy" to Tooth Decay.......!!!,” was submitted by Darren Rapp. Honorable mention went to Tammy Eichelberger for her whimsical music reference, “Watch me NAE NAE..Watch me..Watch me.” Each winner received a prize package in the mail.


  • I'd sure look better if I had my teeth cleaned at Pi Dental!
  • I Got My New Smile At The Pi Center.....And It Didn't Hurt A Bit!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
  • Hey Doc, You forgot my side teeth.
  • No Horsing Around....go to PI Dental for Your Beautiful Smile!
  • What do you mean I should make an appointment with Pi Dental!!
  • Dr. B., Thanks so much for the implant supported smile. Though I think I misunderstood you when you said I'd be a little hoarse afterwards.
  • Toothless happiness, forever!"
  • Holy Horses! Hope you have a Happy Holiday!
  • Seasons Greeting from our Stable to Yours
  • Straight from the horse’s mouth wishing everyone a "Happy New Year
  • Pi Dental Center has given me my confidence back. I can laugh again!
  • Giddy Up! Let’s go!
  • Look, Ma, no cavities!!!! (Remember that old TV commercial??? LOL)
  • I said BAH HUMBUG!!
  • Vertical Maxillary Excess • You said 'Open wide'!
  • Look at my new choppers, aren't they grand!!!!
  • I LOVE PI DENTAL :) • Of course I floss!
  • Just check 'em and be done with it!
  • Dr. Balshi has patients in every state -- Now it's time to have patients in every STABLE!"
  • No horsing around get your dental exam at "Prosthodontics Intermedica" it the greatest place around!
  • Ma! The hay! Now!!
  • HEY!! Don't be horsing around with your dental care or you'll look like this!! Get on over to Pi and let Dr. Balshi and his staff make you proud to smile like this!!
  • Someone needs to tell this horse--that he overdue for dental hygiene visit ---looks like he needs a good cleaning!!!
  • Maybe some implants too!!!
  • Poster Horse for Zoom Whitening…
  • Look Ma, no cavities now that I've been to PI Dental • I should have gone to PI.
  • Steve Harvey is announcing the next Kentucky Derby? Now that is as funny as me going somewhere other than PI to get my molars replaced! • I believe, I believe!
  • Loving my all-on-16 procedure!

The photo (above) was taken in December, when the famous and majestic Budweiser Clydesdale horses paraded through nearby Ambler.

Thank you to all who participated in this awesome event. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. Please stay tuned for upcoming contests and activities at Pi Dental Center.

Pi Dental Center offers progressive, innovative dental solutions giving patients of all ages beautiful smiles. "We build attractive, custom smiles…no horsing around!" Call us if you are looking to find a dentist or need dental care at 215-646-6334 or email to learn more. 


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Addressing the "Mission Impossible" With Dental Implants

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Feb 18, 2013 3:45:00 PM

Dr. Thomas BalshiBy Thomas J. Balshi, DDS,PhD,FACP

Technological advancements have led to superior outcomes for patients, but they have also ensured that experiences in the prosthodontist’s chair are faster and smoother than ever before.


The smile is a vital asset to human well-being. The prosthodontist’s professional pride is in building smiles that are worthy of celebration.  Dental implant technology has enabled us to deliver healthy smiles with superior esthetics for virtually every patient. Innovations have reduced the time and trauma from the procedure, permitting remarkable results with minimal treatment time and a smooth recovery. AddressingMissionImpossible

The cutting edge of prosthodontic expertise addresses “Mission Impossible” clinical conditions and makes them do-able. This is most particularly evident in patients with severe bone loss. In past times, they often began their journey in a hospital, giving up bone from another site to be later used in the jaw. Today, we may sidestep bone grafting using extraordinary data available from cone beam CT scans to plan in 3D intricate surgeries on a computer and, with computer generated templates, surgically place zygomatic and pterygomaxillary implants. This “No Bone Solutions” protocol completely eliminates donor site morbidity with grafting and provides the patient with immediate gratification by placement of an implant-retained prosthesis immediately following surgery.  Recovery time is drastically reduced and most patients are fully functional the next day.

The combination of surgical technology with zygomatic implants and refined laboratory technology has proven to be a patient-friendly experience that delivers predictably high quality results. The cone beam CT scan and the 3-D planning gives us the opportunity to create the best possible technique for the actual surgery, and allows us to determine both the bone anchorage points for the implants and the prosthetic emergence points for screw retention.

The long-term success of such sophisticated dental implant treatment is critically dependent on the quality of the final prosthesis.  Technology now allows robots to mill exact frameworks to support highly esthetic individual ceramic enamel-like crowns and especially life-like gingival prostheses.  Our use of individual crowns on computer generated frameworks has eliminated screw holes in the crowns, which adds to the natural esthetics of the prosthesis and allows the crowns to maintain maximum integrity. In our practice, this process builds upon the immediate prosthesis “prototype” and permits refinement of the initial plan by skilled dental technicians.  The many advantages of digital design culminate in a prosthesis that fits, functions and appears excellent.

Instead of the eighteen-month plus treatment plan using bone grafting, new technologies allow us to reach the same destination in essentially three visits. Our imaging technology permits 1) placement of implants and provisional prosthesis during one visit, 2) a final impression following implant integration and 3) delivery of the final prosthesis.  Many patients who previously thought the pathway to teeth was impossible today find this technology to be a stepping stone to a dream come true. We are honored and privileged to incorporate it into our everyday care and to build celebrated smiles. We are prosthodontists!


About the author

Thomas J. Balshi, D.D.S., PhD., F.A.C.P.

Dr. Thomas J. Balshi is a Diplomate of The American Board of Prosthodontics and founder of Prosthodontics Intermedica, the Pi Dental Center, in Fort Washington, PA. He is also a director at the Institute For Facial Esthetics.  Both his graduate and post-graduate degrees were earned from Temple University School of Dentistry, and he received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Cabrini College.  Dr. Balshi received his surgical and prosthetic implant training directly from Professor Per Ingvar Bränemark, Institute For Applied Biotechnology.  He is a Charter Member and Fellow of the Academy of Osseointegration, a Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontists and the ICP.  He was a Founder and President of the Pennsylvania Prosthodontic Association.  His academic focus is teaching the principles of immediate loading implants combined with digital technology.  Dr. Balshi has developed treatment protocols exclusive to Pi, including Teeth in a Day® for accelerated rehabilitation and No BoneZ Solution™, to eliminate the need for extensive bone grafting.  He is an adjunct professor of both Temple University and Nova Southeastern University.  His team has provided special training programs at The Institute For Facial Esthetics for Prosthodontic and Surgical Residents from Harvard, Maryland, UMDNJ, UCONN, Columbia, Loma Linda, Temple and Nova Southeastern.  His most recent textbook contribution is in Zygomatic Implants – The Anatomy-Guided Approach (Quintessence).

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