Five O’clock Somewhere - Google Hangout About Dental Implants

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Aug 21, 2013 2:44:00 PM

While many will be mixing their summertime concoctions, at five o’clock this afternoon (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) Dr. Tom Balshi and patient Patty Jackson, a celebrated Philadelphia radio host, will be guests of New Beauty Magazine for an online “Google Hangout.” 
If you would like to meet Patty Jackson and hear her comments about dental implants, or if you would like to hear Dr. Balshi talking about his favorite subject, please join us this afternoon at five o’clock sharp by logging onto:

Google Hangout with Dr. Balshi and Patty Jackson

There are lots of ways to have fun at five!

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Prosthodontic Insights: Dr. Thomas Balshi Presents Lecture at ACP

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Nov 8, 2012 9:43:00 AM

ACP Annual Session with Dr Thomas Balshi and Rob Slauch
Dr. Thomas Balshi stands with Rob Slauch in front of their poster presentation

Dr. Tom Balshi, a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics since 1976 presented a lecture entitled “The Zygomatic or Pterygoid Implant: Guided and Unguided Strategies” at the annual scientific session of the American College of Prosthodontists in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Balshi presented his findings in successfully treating patients having extreme upper arch bone loss with a sound non-removable prosthesis using the Teeth in a Day protocol.  The procedure, which is patient friendly, eliminates more invasive bone grafting and allows for a rapid treatment option.

The Pi Dental Center was represented at the 42nd annual session of the American College of Prosthodontists in other ways.  Former Pi research intern and current dental student at the University of Maryland, Mr. Rob Slauch competed in the poster presentations, examining mechanical and biomedical complications of temporary prostheses using the All-on-4 dental implant protocol. The poster research was a collaboration of Drs. Balshi and Wolfinger, Stephen Balshi, the director of Research for the Pi Dental Center, and Mr. Slauch.

Drs Balshi and Wolfinger at New Beauty Magazine Display
(Photo Caption: Dr. Glenn Wolfinger and Dr. Thomas Balshi at New Beauty Magazine Display)

New Beauty Magazine, a Sandow Publication, was showcased in the Exhibit Hall. The Magazine, devoted to healthy beauty innovations, has a single philosophy: Always Exceed Expectations. Dr. Balshi, who serves on the magazine’s editorial advisory board, believes that the specialty of Prosthodontics holds the keys to providing the most innovative, healthy and esthetic smiles.

The Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implant Presentation
"The Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implant: Guided and Unguided" presentation by Dr. Thomas Balshi


Pi Dental Center is a specialty practice committed to providing our dental patients with the highest possible standard of dental care available. Our mission is to go beyond the preservation and maintenance concepts of general dentistry; our dentists design each individual treatment plan to provide for an uncompromised clinically functional and esthetic dentition. Pi Dental Center operates all facets of its dental care center with focused team energy for excellence in treatment of the whole patient from cosmetic dental care to tooth implants and more. We strive to provide a level of care that encompasses every dimension of the patient's well being, technologically and in the human arena. No effort is spared to assure that the treatment environment is comfortable, comforting and strictly sterile. Our goal is to inspire the confidence and trust that bring character to an artistically restored, healthy smile.

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Does Faking A Smile Make You Feel Bad? New Beauty Magazine Asks Their Experts

Posted by Thomas Balshi, DDS FACP on Mar 29, 2011 11:44:00 AM

New Beauty Magazine

NEW BEAUTY’s Internet magazine, Daily Beauty, poses thought provoking questions to their readers. Recently, they sought comments on an article by Brenna Fisher suggesting that faking a smile negatively affects a person’s mood. Dr. Thomas J. Balshi, DDS, FACP and advisor to NEW BEAUTY was among the dental specialists adding his own brush stroke.

Dr. Balshi commentBalshi, a board certified prosthodontist and founder of the Pi Dental Center in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania states: “When one has an exquisite smile to share with the world, using it gives the individual pleasure in every circumstance. In a positive situation it will give greater satisfaction, but even when faked, there is still a modicum of self-worth exhibited by displaying one of humanity’s most underrated assets—a healthy smile. Conversely, when one has a smile that is flawed, each time it is used there could be some emotional discomfort in the display. A hearty laugh could perhaps balance the negative impact of a poor smile, but faking a smile would be a double whammy. We all strive to remove negative impact from everyday life. Teeth in a Day™ dental implant reconstructions make that privileged self-esteem-booster smile available to everyone in a matter of hours.”

A recent Michigan University study found that moods are often low in customer service agents who routinely force smiles and pleasant conversation. These people tend to demonstrate lower job productivity than employees whose smiles emerge from positive thinking.

Among Dr. Balshi's favorite patients is the chief academic officer of a very prestigious hospital. Before his smile reconstruction, he had to work hard at producing a closed mouth grin.  A former boss told him he intimidated people and needed to smile more. Post-operatively, his smile lights up a very welcoming face.
"Your expertise has made me feel better emotionally and physically.  Some men get a Porsche when they have their mid-life crisis.  I got teeth.  After my children's college tuition, this is the best money I have spent."  JCR, M.D, M.Ed., FACS

The smile is a very complex entity, far more intertwined with overall physical and emotional health than we may expect.

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