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Posted by Chris Raines on Mar 14, 2017 2:01:48 PM

Did we serve you with a smile - sign at grocery storeThe sign at the grocery store said, "Did We Serve You With A Smile?" Service with a smile is a core policy of many companies in their goal to provide outstanding customer service.

A smile communicates a frame of mind and enhances an interaction. It validates statements made by the recipient of the smile. It conveys a caring attitude and improves communication.

Tricia, a center-city Philadelphia hairdresser, was asked if she often smiled while cutting customers' hair. She said, "Yes. My smile may be the only smile the clients see all day. They might not have spoken to anyone other than me. It can cheer a person up. A smile can make someone else's day!"
Some studies have shown that a smile must be genuine. Faking a smile can take an emotional and physical toll. Other studies suggest that the simple act of putting on a smile can be a mood booster, theorizing that smiling activates areas of the brain associated with reward and triggers the release of dopamine.

When asked about smiling while talking on the telephone, Maryellen at Pi Dental Center said yes, “They say people can ‘hear’ a smile.” Smiling while on the phone has been shown to be valuable. A University of Portsmouth, England study showed that people can hear a smile and some can even pick up on different kinds of smiles.

Reluctance to smile hinders communication. Some people who feel self-conscious because of their dental condition do not smile. Proven and predictable dental implant technology and digital dentures restore beautiful smiles and repair damaged teeth quickly and competently. Board certified prosthodontists at Pi Dental Center  have been successfully providing advanced dental care for over 30 years. Teeth In A Day® and Computer Guided Dental Implant Treatment, and the No Bone Solution have helped patients with very little bone regain healthy mouths with permanent teeth supported by dental implants.

A smile establishes rapport and reflects the positive attitude that is so vital to productive relationships. A smile can do wonders! Call 215-646-6334 or contact us at the link below to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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Tackling Problems That Make You Look Older

Posted by Thomas Balshi, DDS FACP on Dec 27, 2012 3:26:00 PM

Replace what is lost

New Beauty Magazine, Winter 2013
Replace What's Lost With Dental Implants
The patient's smile was restored using dental implants and the Teeth In A Day technique. This procedure was performed by Thomas J. Balshi, DDS; Fort Washington, Pa.


50% - The amount of adult Americans that are satisfied with their own smile. (Source: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)Northeast Cosmetic Dentists

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We were featured in Good Morning America, performing live surgery in 2005, and appeared on the Today Show in 2008, showcasing our popular Teeth In An Hour protocol to replace dentures with permanent teeth.


We take pride in our trademarked Teeth In A Day procedure, as well as our incorporation of exclusive technology, enabling us to perform dental implant procedures on patients with minimal bone, without the use of bone grafts.


We are known for creating very natural smiles. Besides the application of dental science and biomechanical engineering, we study each face and each personality. There is a perfect smile for every person. Together with our lab team on site, we can create that smile.

Natural smiles in a single visit

According to Dr. Balshi, Teeth In a Day, one of the practice's driving axioms, reflects the doctors' shared goal with each patient they treat: to restore function and esthetic quality in a single-day procedure. "Our systematic treatment plans enable us to restore a broken smile without the need for frequent appointments," says Dr. Balshi. "Using a rigid acrylic or titanium framework supported by implants, the process is expedited for immediate function." Dr. Balshi creates a visual image: "Picture a picket fence with each picket representing a tooth. The fence post goes into the ground, which in this instance, is the jawbone, and the framework is the cross member." "It provides those whose teeth cannot be saved with a permanent solution," adds Dr. Wolfinger. "We remove the natural teeth and clean the mouth, then fix the dental implants into the bone and connect the new set of teeth."

Today, the Pi Dental Implant Center at the Institute For Facial Esthetics enjoys and international reputation, with a multilingual staff of 40, two on-site labs, more than 25 years of experience, and the placement of 33,000 Brånemark dental implants. Working with Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, Dr. Thomas Balshi prides himself on the vast array of services they offer.

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