Five O’clock Somewhere - Google Hangout About Dental Implants

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Aug 21, 2013 2:44:00 PM

While many will be mixing their summertime concoctions, at five o’clock this afternoon (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) Dr. Tom Balshi and patient Patty Jackson, a celebrated Philadelphia radio host, will be guests of New Beauty Magazine for an online “Google Hangout.” 
If you would like to meet Patty Jackson and hear her comments about dental implants, or if you would like to hear Dr. Balshi talking about his favorite subject, please join us this afternoon at five o’clock sharp by logging onto:

Google Hangout with Dr. Balshi and Patty Jackson

There are lots of ways to have fun at five!

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Tackling Problems That Make You Look Older

Posted by Thomas Balshi, DDS FACP on Dec 27, 2012 3:26:00 PM

Replace what is lost

New Beauty Magazine, Winter 2013
Replace What's Lost With Dental Implant

The patient's smile was restored using dental implants and the Teeth In A Day technique. This procedure was performed by Thomas J. Balshi, DDS; Fort Washington, Pa.

50% - The amount of adult Americans that are satisfied with their own smile. (Source: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

Northeast Cosmetic Dentists


We were featured in Good Morning America, performing live surgery in 2005, and appeared on the Today Show in 2008, showcasing our popular Teeth In An Hour protocol to replace dentures with permanent teeth.


We take pride in our trademarked Teeth In A Day procedure, as well as our incorporation of exclusive technology, enabling us to perform dental implant procedures on patients with minimal bone, without the use of bone grafts.


We are known for creating very natural smiles. Besides the application of dental science and biomechanical engineering, we study each face and each personality. There is a perfect smile for every person. Together with our lab team on site, we can create that smile.


According to Dr. Balshi, Teeth In a Day, one of the practice's driving axioms, reflects the doctors' shared goal with each patient they treat: to restore function and esthetic quality in a single-day procedure. "Our systematic treatment plans enable us to restore a broken smile without the need for frequent appointments," says Dr. Balshi. "Using a rigid acrylic or titanium framework supported by implants, the process is expedited for immediate function." Dr. Balshi creates a visual image: "Picture a picket fence with each picket representing a tooth. The fence post goes into the ground, which in this instance, is the jawbone, and the framework is the cross member." "It provides those whose teeth cannot be saved with a permanent solution," adds Dr. Wolfinger. "We remove the natural teeth and clean the mouth, then fix the dental implants into the bone and connect the new set of teeth."

Today, the Pi Dental Implant Center at the Institute For Facial Esthetics enjoys and international reputation, with a multilingual staff of 40, two on-site labs, more than 25 years of experience, and the placement of 33,000 Brånemark dental implants. Working with Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, Dr. Thomas Balshi prides himself on the vast array of services they offer.

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A Healthy Smile, The Signature Of Wellness

Posted by Thomas Balshi, DDS FACP on Dec 11, 2012 11:58:00 AM

Philadelphia's Prestigious Dental Center

Having a healthy smile is the signature of wellness. Men and women with sparkling smiles usually also have energy in their step, an inviting glow in their eyes and self-confidence to spare. Those who have one realize they possess an invaluable asset; those without one often don’t realize how quick and easy it can be to achieve a dream.

Teeth in a Day™

Dental implant research has made it possible for virtually anyone to experience a total smile makeover, so if you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants, we have your solution. The Pi team's exclusive Teeth in a Day™ care package is the most comfortable, compassionate, and customized dental restoration available. Board certified prosthodontists and a seasoned, multi-lingual support staff thrive on building extraordinary smiles that shine for a lifetime. No more cavities!

A Healthy Smile is the Signature of WellnessChange Your Life!

Put your money where your mouth is. Quite literally, a smile is one investment that will never diminish. It will continue to richly enhance life, health, and wealth of spirit. Today’s superior materials and our precision technology make quality smile care at the Pi Dental Center surprisingly attainable and affordable.

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A New Smile in Just One Day? YES

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Sep 14, 2012 2:23:00 PM

A new smile in just one day!

Look for us in the October Issue of Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Women’s Day.

Meet the doctors who developed the revolutionary methods to make it happen.

The staff at world-renowned Prosthodontics Intermedica (or “Pi”) knows that a new, permanent smile is life changing -- and they offer it in just one day.

“We developed Teeth In A Day® 20 years ago and have been training doctors to offer it around the world ever since,” says Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, who pioneered the dental implant protocol with Dr. Thomas Balshi.

How it works: after a thorough examination and customized treatment plan, doctors remove diseased teeth and place anchors into the jawbone. A sophisticated laboratory team prepares temporary, non-removable teeth so that patients leave with a sturdy, natural-looking smile. Once the implants have fused to the natural bone, the permanent prostheses are positioned.

No Bone Solution™

Dental implants are vastly superior to dentures-aesthetically and functionally.

“In many cases, the constant rubbing of dentures causes the jawbone to retreat, requiring comprehensive preparation prior to placing implants,” explains Dr. Balshi. The customary answer is bone grafting, a risky, invasive process. Pi offers a better option.As seen in Redbook, Good Housekeeping and Women's Day

“The No Bone Solution™ is a zygomatic implant that combines computer-guided surgery with fixed prosthodontic rehabilitation,” says Dr. Balshi.

An advanced CT scanner gathers radiographic information in just seconds. “By recreating the patient’s skull virtually, we can guide the exact positioning of the implants,” says Dr. Wolfinger. “This approach is avant-garde, blending industry technology with dental medicine.”

The benefits are enormous,” adds Dr. Balshi. “It is drastically faster with less risk of infection. Pi is among only a few centers nationwide with this technology.”

The combination of No Bone Solution™ and Teeth In A Day® yields immediately functional teeth in a single procedure.

Treating the Whole Person

An exceptional experience begins the moment patients walk in: “We’ve created a welcoming ‘oasis’ to make patients feel comfortable. We want them to know we really care about them,” says Joanne Balshi, director of public relations.

Concludes Dr. James Bowers: “We love seeing patients leave with restored teeth and self-esteem.”

Hope for a Healthy Future

The effects of anorexia and bulimia nervosa are detrimental to teeth, and Pi Dental Center is passionate about helping these patients heal-physically and emotionally.

“Giving these patients a healthy mouth restores their ability to chew properly and gives them confidence,” says Dr. Balshi. “It jumpstarts the road to recovery.”

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Sparkling Smiles Are Giant Steps Toward Eating Disorder Recovery

Posted by Pi Dental Center on Sep 14, 2012 2:20:00 PM

Patient photoThe Pi Dental Center in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania has made giant steps in helping eating disorder patients find their way to the path of recovery.  Philosophically uncharacteristic of the dental profession at large, the Pi doctors and staff have immersed themselves in understanding the multi-dimensional aspects of these health issues, and have taken the solid position that quality dentistry and precision esthetics jumpstart the recovery process. 

For years, the dental profession has held a very reserved perspective in applying restorative care to patients with worn away and infected dentitions, requiring patients to show evidence of remission before embarking on major dental reconstruction.  At the Pi Center, board certified prosthodontists believe that the core issues of eating disorders, lack of confidence and lack of empowerment, are significantly eradicated by the introduction of a healthy mouth and a winning smile.  The dramatic change brought by this sudden life enhancement produces such abundant self-confidence and positive energy that it often unlocks the door to recovery. The Pi approach is not to withhold or delay any measure that contributes to the rebuilding of a broken spirit. 

At the Pi Center, ongoing studies of our many treated eating disorder patients clearly indicate that our philosophy generates consistent positive outcomes.  Some patients come to us on the threshold of physical and emotional disaster, holding out the singular hope that a new image in the mirror can actually save their lives. Others come unaware of the value embedded in a new smile, but find themselves newly equipped with functioning tools to begin the recovery process.

At the present time, virtually every eating disorder patient in the Pi Dental Center practice has achieved success, not only dentally from a functional and cosmetic standpoint, but also in revamping eating habits to either reduce or eliminate dysfunction.  We welcome new patients who suffer from the difficult dental symptoms of eating disorders.  We are committed to patient privacy as well as to offering experienced compassion for victims of this difficult disease.

Learn more about dental care at Pi Dental Center.

Eating Disorder Support Group

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Pi Dental Center: A Comforting Environment For Restorative Dentistry

Posted by Thomas Balshi, DDS FACP on Jun 19, 2012 2:35:00 PM

A Comforting Center For Dental Care

A Rare Formula

At Pi Dental Center, discover a comforting, non threatening environment—and much more—for all restorative dental care

by J.M. Kovacs

“Pi” officially stands for Prosthodontics Intermedica, a multidisciplinary medical approach to engineering smiles that are comprehensively healthy for a lifetime and sparklingly attractive, distinctively suited to each individual patient.

The professional website highlights numerous other designations for the signature letters, but probably none is more apparent than “Passionate Ingenuity.” Here is where a truly inspired and experienced team will go far beyond the norm to ensure scientific perfection and total patient satisfaction. The Pi team thinks as if with one mind, embraces as if with one heart. Warmth is evident in every genuinely welcoming handshake and professional passion is defined by immeasurable energy to succeed.

Drs. Thomas J. Balshi and Glenn J. Wolfinger have never turned a patient away without a solution. Sometimes “it takes a village,” and the dental village in Fort Washington thrives on their synchronization and their seemingly endless resourcefulness.

Meet a patient named Frank, age 28, alone in the world with both parents deceased and no known siblings. Once homeless and damaged by unknown history, he now resides in a group residential home as a ward of the state, befriended by members of a local church. Frank is eager to hold a job but because of missing, misshapen and numerous abscessed teeth, his best efforts to smile often frightened others, causing him to be rejected. His dream of a life well lived had nearly disappeared until his very loving church friends sought to find him a bridge to a better world.

Frank’s case was doubly challenging because his fear of dental treatment was nearly paralyzing. On the day he received his smile, the first hour was devoted simply to helping him grow beyond his fear and making him emotionally comfortable to accept the gift he so desperately wanted.

With that accomplished, three doctors, one anesthesiologist, one registered nurse and six surgical assistants worked in tandem, strategically ensuring that Pi’s trademarked Teeth In a Day™ would imminently happen and magically transform Frank’s life, like it had transformed many others before him.

The staff gently massaged Frank’s neck as he fell into sleep; the Dr. Balshi deftly performed the surgery; while Dr. Wolfinger flew back and forth into the laboratory to fine tune and custom shape the wonderful surprise teeth that Frank would wake to find in his mouth. Not a dry eye was in the “village” as the procedure came to its close.

This is passionate ingenuity. It happens at the Pi Dental Center almost every day.

Although the Pi Dental Center is a non-threatening and comfortable environment for all restorative dental care, it is also a haven for “Premium Instruction.” Doctors who share the passion for cutting-edge care come from around the world to learn the miraculous strides achievable through implant dentistry, and some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country send their prosthodontic residents to the Pi Dental Center to be trained.

The blend of skill and compassion at Pi is a rare formula in improving the patients' dental health, but it is evenly applied for the smallest tweak or the most dramatic dental achievement. (Published in SuburbanLife Magazine, June 2012)




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